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The apartment - episode 1 :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Panaphle by Syanama Panaphle :iconsyanama:Syanama 1 0
I am the face in the crowd,
I am the lonely bystander,
I am the next one.
I am your victim
You are a tyrant,
You are a monster.
You are a thug,
You are a bully.
You always mocked me for I was different,
You always attacked me for I was weak,
You always made names at me for I was sad.
You never stopped.
I always ran, full of fear,
I tried to keep all I held dear.
I never could stay,
You took it all away
I could have been a doctor, a scientist, a politician.
I could have done great things.
I could have been rich, famous or helped others,
But you took my chance, my learning, my friends.
When they walked,
I went down to the river,
The water was cold but I was told about peace,
The peace of the grave and that gave me hope, just a sliver.
But when they fished me out,
I finally felt warmth,
Not cold.
And now I am the winner,
You've lost and been found, sinner.
My friends are back, I'm liked again,
I no longer feel your sting, your pain.
I am the victor you see,
Those full of hat
:iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Shades - Episode 6
Shades – episode 6
It's a cold, spring morning and leaves blow across the playground. Grisky and Shamus are leaning against the wall. "Hey Shamus. I'd like to tell you something and I don't want you talking to Joe about this. He has enough to worry about with Bridget in a coma."
"What is it pal."
"Strange shadows are following me. It's been happening since the catacombs. I'm afraid."
"Don't worry. You're an explosive wielding, once-dead giant!"
"These things are too shifty. Too ethereal. They scare the crap out of me. It's all too unreal."
"Hey chill. You'll never guess who is coming to town!"
"Who?" All joy has left Grisky's face.
"Monster hunter Kaluga! He'll help!"
"Shit. That's all we need. Haven't you noticed that you're not human? I can envision him blowing your face off with a shotgun."
"Way to piss on my parade."
"You're a year five! You shouldn't use that language!"
"You sound like my mum." The bell goes.
" me in the park after school okay."
Night time. Wind wh
:iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Catacombs part 4 - Episode 5
Catacombs part 4
The walls press them against the glass and as their bones start to crack and blood pours they fall through the glass. They land in a heap on a tiled floor in a domed room. In the middle is a large red box, dripping. Bridget walks up to it and wipes off the liquid. She walks over to Joe, Grisky and Shamus. "It's black blood. Why?" Suddenly plinky music comes from the box as a large handle turns on the box. "What the-!" They all say in unison. Shamus freezes. The lid comes off and a massive jack comes out of the box with a large clown face. It has huge claws with scraps of flesh wedged in between the talons and it is constantly crying. Streams of blood run down its face from its mouth and it wails unearthly as it drags itself along the floor. Joe, Grisky and Bridget run from it as fast as they can but Shamus is rooted to the spot with fear. It picks Shamus up and rips his legs off stuffing him in its mouth, still screaming, causing more blood to run down is face. It wail
:iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Seekl's stop
Seekl's stop
I was sitting in a new train travelling the Kairo to Tsuchu route. It was hundreds of leagues long and the trip took weeks. I was travelling to get rare and powerful artefacts for my shop as I was a co-owner of one of the best adventurer supply shops on the planet. I showed this. I wore a fire proof silk robe and a fez. I was tall and thin but not unhealthy and my short brown hair was very clean. In my hair thin strands of gold were woven in, a habit I picked up from a small tribe. I looked at my PDA and flicked through various menus, seeing things like my artefact list and my contacts. It was supposed to be night but the lava we were travelling over made it as warm and bright as a summer's day back home. I clicked my fingers and a small ball of electricity appeared and I passed it from hand-to-hand to pass the time.
"Be advised we are nearly at the Cropwell stop." The train started to slow causing me to drop the ball, electrocuting me. After I stopped convulsing I got to
:iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Sand wraith by Syanama Sand wraith :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0 Living room by Syanama Living room :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0 Redemption by Syanama Redemption :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0 Karma's castle by Syanama Karma's castle :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0 Karma by Syanama Karma :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0 Lonely, Lonely child - 2 by Syanama Lonely, Lonely child - 2 :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0 Welcome to the multiverse - 1 by Syanama Welcome to the multiverse - 1 :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Catacombs part 3 - Episode 4
Catacombs part 3
"Ouch. He doesn't look good. For me to do anything i'll need the holy water but you won't get there in time. Hmm... I could make him some makeshift legs of magic." Sue clicked he fingers and a knife appeared in her hand whick she used to cut off the remains of Joe's legs. She then clicked her fingers and some silhouettes of his original leg slowly materialize. She then breaths on joes face and hits him with a branch. "Get up lazy bugger you got legs!" Joe sat up and said "ugh. Be quiet sue and- oh god! Did you make these!?" Joe looks at his shadow legs and pokes them. "Thanks. Please tell me you can grow my legs back?"
"Yes I can I just need the holy water from the fountain." Joe gets up and says "which door has the least chance of killing me?"
"Are you nimble?"
"Not really." Sue points at a door that looks like it is made of dirt.
"That door."
The door opens into a cliff face with a statue at the base. "What do we do?" Bridget asks. The statue, which is of a young man
:iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Catacombs part 2 - Episode 3
Catacombs – part 2
"Oh. Kid, Don't go in there." Sue warns.
"Why?"Joe replies.
"There is a...thing...behind that door. It eats men and doesn't eat women. Don't go in there unless you want to have you eyes sucked out, your legs used as bats, you bones used as toothpicks and your face used as a napkin." Joe claps and turns into Jane. "Really?" Joe says
"Nice trick kid. How'd you get it?" Sue asks.
"Chocking nearly to death on your perfume."
"Ouch. Oh and behind that door I won't be your guide. It'll be an incubus by the name of Steve." We walk through the door and find a giant spider nesting on a golden web. We walk round it and go through a door and on the other side a very muscled man walks over to us but he has big leathery wings. "Yello!" he has a thick American accent. "I'm Steve and you are?"
"I am Joe, this is Grisky and she is Bridget.
"Joe? A pretty girl like you should be called Jane."
"Thanks, but seriously what's the test?"
"You're no fun at all. Get me that key there on
:iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0
Lord loss by Syanama Lord loss :iconsyanama:Syanama 0 0


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